My name is Aaron. I am 26 years old and have been in prison for 5 years. I have 9 years left to serve. Before coming to prison I lived a very reckless and selfish lifestyle. All I cared about was self-gratification. I cared for no one but myself. I’m in prison for taking a human life, and it’s something that haunts me every day.

However, through the Bible and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I have learnt that I can take steps to make amends for my reckless actions by following the Bible and living a selfless life with integrity. A friend introduced me to Our Daily Bread and I am really enjoying it. I look forward to reading the daily readings.

Upon coming to prison, my relationship with my father was tense. However, today our relationship is stronger than ever. I share my faith and the daily readings with him, discussing them together on his visits.

I know my story is not a positive one, and has caused much anguish to many individuals. I would feel so privileged for you to use my story to highlight the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol, which results in leading reckless and meaningless lives. I hope my story can have a positive impact on someone’s life and, coupled with the life changing wisdom of God’s Word, give them the strength to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle and embrace the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour. If my story can make someone say, “Wow, I’m leading a lifestyle similar to Aaron’s previous life”, hopefully that realisation will be the catalyst to drive them to seek help and start the transformation to a healthy life of integrity.