My name is Jim. I’ve been saved approximately 5 years. Before I was a Christian I used to take all kinds of things. I used to take a lot of drugs and was always going to clubs and raves all over the country. I was always getting locked-up for robbing and fighting and doing foolish things.

Then some men told me about the Lord Jesus. I thought I knew God, but I could see these men had something I didn’t. They had a peace in their lives. Even though I’d been taking drugs, I still never had any peace.

I went to jail and while I was there my little boy, Jimmy, was born. But he was very ill. He was a very bad epileptic and he had lots of fits. He was always in and out of hospital for weeks at a time. He got meningitis and his fits were getting out of control. The doctors said he wouldn’t live to be one.

With all the things that were happening, when I got out of jail, my wife Bridget and I split up. I ended up doing all the same things I had been doing before. That summer I went to a big festival and ended up getting locked up and reprimanded. While I was on the way to the jail, I was so low that the only thing on my mind was to take my own life. It was a one and a half hour’s drive to the jail and as I was sat in the back of the car, I started talking to the Lord. I started to remember what the men had told me about Jesus. There and then I accepted Jesus into my life as my Lord and Saviour.

There is not enough room here to tell you how much God has done for me. He saved my wife too and we are back together; and He gave me my boy back. He’s given me a new and better life now I know what real peace is. I thank God He’s kept my boy Jimmy alive. He is still an unknown epileptic and has cerebral palsy, but I thank God that I can turn to Him no matter how big the problem.

I don’t need the drugs or the drink, or whatever else comes with it. All I need is God.