I am not a morning person. My morning routine generally consists of hitting the snooze button twice, dragging my heavy limbs out of bed and getting ready for work in record time. The most important part of my morning routine though, is making sure I have a few minutes to pray and read some Scripture before heading out of the house.

As someone who is usually quite rushed in the morning, I don’t always have time to sit down with a cup of tea and delve deeply into God’s Word. So for me, Our Daily Bread is ideal.

It gives me a piece of Scripture to take with me through the day and a life lesson to try and apply. What’s more, I can share my thoughts on the Bible reading notes with my husband, a serving soldier, whether he’s at home or serving away. The Our Daily Bread Military Annual means we can read the same articles each day and continue our Christian walk together, even when we are apart.

I can’t always relay to him in great detail the sermon from church on Sunday, but I can always send him snippets of the day’s Scripture and article that encouraged me as we share Our Daily Bread together. —Shannon Van Aswegen, army wife