Drawing You Closer To God. Daily.

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “An army marches on its stomach!” He knew that his troops performed better if they were well cared for, well nourished. Our aim, at Our Daily Bread Ministries, is to offer you the very best food for your daily needs: inspiration and guidance from God’s Word, the Bible. Our hope is that you will find here something to help you discover who God is, what Jesus Christ has done for you, and how faith in Him can guide you through everything this world and this life can throw at you.

Whether you are completely new to Christianity, just dipping a toe into the water, or perhaps you are a lifelong believer, swimming strongly in deep places, we have something here to inspire, encourage, and perhaps challenge you. Whether you are currently deployed or waiting at home for a loved one to return, there is something here to introduce you to Jesus Christ, get to know Him better, and grow in your faith. We all have issues in life that we wrestle with; some are peculiar to the armed forces, others are “everyone” issues. Our Daily Bread Ministries believes that God has answers in every situation, for every one of us.

Feel free to contact us and tell us what you need, to help you draw closer to God. Daily.