Do you ever wonder why it’s always the football managers who get the sack when a team isn’t doing well, rather than the players themselves? For example, Newcastle United changed manager 14 times between 2000 and 2014. In addition Tottenham Hotspurs (13 managers), Chelsea (11 managers) and Fulham (8 managers), amongst many other clubs, have changed leaders a lot during that time! It seems that managers lose their jobs based on the performance of 11 other men.

The reason is that football players ‘represent’ their manager during matches. The manager picks the team, decides the tactics, instructs the tempo and boosts morale. And so footballers don’t go onto the pitch doing just what they want; they go and play as they’ve been told to.

In a similar way, we are on earth to represent God. We do not belong to ourselves in our own right. He made us and designed us; so we belong to Him! Yet we chose to live for ourselves, doing what we want and ignoring God. But the Bible warns us that in this case, the ‘players’ will be disciplined for their actions. God will judge everyone on whether they played ‘His game’ or their own. We will have to take the full responsibility. So how do we represent God? Give our lives to Christ! He will change us to look like Him.

Make a wise choice about who you want to represent.


Chris Wale


Our Daily Bread