Hasn’t science disproved God?

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1Many people think that science can explain the world without needing God to be involved, and that iIt has basically disproved his existence. But has it?

Imagine a cake in the middle of a room. Scientists could examine the cake and tell us the size, ingredients and weight. They could examine all the details of the cake for us. But they couldn’t tell us who made it or why. In the same way, science can tell us lots about our world, but not everything.

Even within the world of science, opinion is divided. Some scientists believe in God; and some don’t. Neither can scientifically test their beliefs. Science can measure laws and things—but it can’t tell us what we should or shouldn’t believe. Just because science can tell us how the world may have been created, for example, there is still no way it can measure who created it or for what reason. Just like we couldn’t find out who made a cake by weighing it, we can’t find out if God made the world just by understanding how it works. In both cases, we need the maker to show themselves to us.

Just like the maker of a cake might leave a label on it with their message, God has left a label on the earth: the Bible. The only way to answer the who and why questions we have about our world is to read God’s message to us.

Think of it like two teachers who both teach the same subject. Science is one of our teachers, focusing on the what, when and how of life. The Bible is our other teacher, teaching us about the who and why. So science and the Bible are actually meant to work together, not against each other!

Science gives us incredible facts about how complex and finely tuned everything is in our world. But the confusion comes when science puts forward theories (or hunches and guess) to try and explain the things it finds out. Such as the scientific idea that since there are many laws and rules that make this world function (fact), it must have been laws and rules that created the world in the first place (theory), not God.These theories are often put forward as facts, when really they are only guesses. So we have to be careful not to jump to conclusions based on scientific theories. Science measures the physical world we live in very well. But it can only guess about the who and why behind it all. Whereas the Bible, God’s label, tells us the fine balance of our world needs someone (God) to arrange it all so precisely!

So no – science hasn’t disproved God. It just continues to amaze us with how complex he made things in the first place, and how well they all work together.

— Chris, an Our Daily Bread reader

 1 person has responded to this question.
If you would like to ask a question, or respond to one, please contact us.
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