Why do some Christians not look like Christians?

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2There are a couple of possible reasons why someone who says they are a Christian may not look like one. Firstly, it might be that they are not really a Christian. Christianity is not like other religions; it’s not about being good, going to church each week or following rules. But lots of people in churches live just like this, trying their hardest to do better—and failing.

The Bible explains what being a Christian really is:

  • Christians have trusted Jesus with their lives (Romans 10:9).
  • They have a new, unending life with God (John 5:24).
  • They are no longer slaves to sin and selfishness, but belong to Jesus’ kingdom (Colossians 1:13).
  • They are brand new, forgiven people (John 3:3).

Unfortunately, there are many churches and people who haven’t understood the Bible. They say people are Christians if they do good things—but this isn’t true; and they stay unchanged by God. Jesus Himself said that when we die and meet God, “Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but those who do the will of My Father” (Matthew 7:21). Some people think they are Christians, but they don’t know Jesus for themselves and so they don’t look like part of His family.

So, a real Christian knows Jesus and has the Holy Spirit living inside of them; they are being changed from the inside out. They want to please God. But it doesn’t end there.

A new Christian is like a child. They need to grow in their relationship with Jesus in order to become more like Him. If you starve a child, they will grow weak and die. So another reason a Christian may not look like a Christian is if they’re starved in their relationship with Jesus. If that happens, they will stop looking and acting like Jesus.

Christians get ‘fed’ in a few main ways:

  • Reading and thinking about what the Bible says.
  • Living by the things they read in the Bible.
  • Spending time talking with God each day.
  • Spending time with other Christians.

Ignoring any of those things will starve Christians, and the result will almost certainly be that they will start to look less and less like a Christian and more like everyone else. Many Christians struggle through times like this in their lives. It does not mean their relationship with God is broken, but it may explain why they might not look like a Christian.

— Debbi, an Our Daily Bread reader

 2 people have responded to this question.
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