My son Mark and I were travelling through a northern State in America. In the distance we spotted a huge bird sitting in a tree overlooking a steep canyon. As we approached, the golden eagle leaped from the tree and soared out over the canyon, the golden streaks in its feathers shimmering in the morning sun. Its immense size amazed us. We felt honoured to witness this magnificent demonstration of God’s awesome creativity.

Creation displays God’s “wondrous works” (Ps. 145:5). And when we stop to meditate on those works, we can’t help but be awed as our minds and spirits are moved to reflect on the character of the God who created them.

That golden eagle told my son and me a story of the creative genius of our mighty God. So does the flitting songbird, a starry sky on a clear night and crashing waves against a cliff face. In the most unexpected moments and ‘out of the way’ places, the Lord shines His glory in this world in order to reveal Himself to us. Those unexpected moments are opportunities to “meditate . . . on [His] wondrous works” (v.5).

Always be on the lookout for wonder. —E. B. White


David C. Egner


Our Daily Bread