When my son in law and I attended a sporting event, we enjoyed watching both the game and the people around us.

One of those people showed both the bad and good side of humanity. This man had apparently lost track of his seat. As he was looking for it, he stood squarely between us and the pitch. A man sitting in front of us also had his view blocked, so he told the man, “Could you move? We can’t see.”

The lost man responded sarcastically, “Too bad.” A second request got a similar but more heated response. Finally the man moved on. Yet later there came a surprise. He returned and told the man he had blocked, “Hey, I’m sorry, man. I was upset that I couldn’t find my seat.” They shook hands and the incident ended well.

That interaction made me think. As we go through life striving to find our way, situations may frustrate us and cause us to respond to others in an un-Christ-like way. If so, we must ask God to give us the courage to apologise to those we have offended. Our worship, according to Jesus, depends on it (Matt. 5:23-24).

We honour God when we make making-up with others a priority. After we have been reconciled, we can then fully enjoy communion with our heavenly Father.

We honour God when we are humble enough to say sorry.


Dave Branon


Our Daily Bread