In an editorial review David G.  Stewart wrote, “In India we used to chuckle about baby pujah, or baby worship. All the women would gather around the baby in arms, cluck like broody hens with their approval and note the supposed likeness to mum or dad. They hold the fingers, touch the cheek and kiss the feet. A favourite term to describe the young baby boy was ‘Little Rajah, Little King.’ Though they do not actually bow down and worship a new baby, those Indians give so much attention to a new infant that it’s no wonder they call it ‘baby worship.’ ”

When Jesus was an infant, He too received adoration and honour. He was adored by shepherds who left their flocks in the fields to worship a baby in a manger. Why? Because He was the King of kings.

I wonder, as this Christmas season progresses, are you able to focus your attention, even briefly, on the One whose birth we celebrate? Even more, are you willing to bow down in humility and give Him the adoration He rightly deserves? Isaiah prophesied long ago that His name would be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (9:6). Jesus was no ordinary baby. He truly was the King of all kings!

When we recognise Jesus’ kingship, we will give Him our worship.


David C. Egner


Our Daily Bread