My wife Martie often tells me, “Joe, you eat too fast! Slow down and enjoy your meal.” I’m usually done long before she is, because she takes the time to savour every bite.

I wonder how many of us rush through reading God’s Word without really savouring it. The psalmist said the following about it: “How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (Ps. 119:103). That sounds good to me!

What are the benefits of taking our time over Scripture? A daily meal of God’s Word helps to keep anxiety, pride, fear and temptation from taking over, and strengthens us for a victorious journey. The Word gives us wisdom and understanding (vv.98-100). And it helps restrain our feet from evil (v.101). Just as our digestive system sends nutrients to our bodies, God’s Word, when read, strengthens our minds, our emotions and our will.

Rather than grabbing the Word on the run just before dashing out the door, it’s important to read it at a time and in a place where we can really have fellowship with God.

Take the time and enjoy savouring the richness of God’s Word.

Savour the richness of God’s Word.


Joe Stowell


Our Daily Bread