During the Christmas season of  1879 an agnostic reporter saw three little girls standing in front of a shop window full of toys. One of them was blind. He heard the other two describing the toys to their friend. He had never considered how difficult it was to explain to someone without sight what something looks like. That incident became the basis for a newspaper story.

Two weeks later the reporter attended a meeting held by Dwight L. Moody. His purpose was to catch the evangelist in an inconsistency. He was surprised when Moody used his account of the children to illustrate a truth. “Just as the blind girl couldn’t visualise the toys,” said Moody, “so an unsaved person can’t see Christ in all His glory.”

On that first Christmas only a few people understood who Jesus really was. Many heard the report of the shepherds and were amazed, but they didn’t view the baby in the manger as the Son of God.

Today multitudes are unaware of the true identity of Jesus because they are spiritually blind. If this describes you, ask God to open your eyes. Believe that the Lord of glory died for your sins. Then trust Him. Your eyes will be opened and you’ll recognise who He really is.

Wise men still seek Jesus.


Herbert Vander Lugt


Our Daily Bread