We’re all inspired by seemingly impossible comebacks! In the first Test match of South Africa’s tour of Australia in 2008, the visitors were chasing a whopping 414 to win. It was a huge task against a strong Australian team. Incredibly, South African captain Graeme Smith started the comeback with an impressive 108 runs off 147 balls, inspiring the team to continue chipping away at the target until they reached it on day five with six wickets in hand!

Jesus made the most amazing comeback the world has ever seen. After being humiliated, insulted, spat upon, whipped, beaten and nailed to a cross, His executioners claimed victory because He was dead. A military guard secured His tomb. How could anyone be more down and out than that?

Yet the struggle was not over; it was only the beginning. Three days later He rose from the grave and reappeared as the victor over sin, death and hell—a comeback like no other in all of history.

Are you feeling out of the running today? Have you stumbled badly? Think about Jesus’ suffering. Remember His resurrection. Ask Him to give you the victory. Just imagine what He has to offer you, no matter how far down you are now!

No one has overcome like Jesus Christ.

Jesus died to save us and lives to keep us.


Mart DeHaan


Our Daily Bread