Each Christmas I give both of my  daughters a ‘Mum box’. Each box contains items to encourage them to be the best mothers they can be. It might have craft books or special projects, devotional books or CDs geared towards young mums, first aid kits, or recipes for cooking with kids—and often something personal like bubble bath for a little pampering after a tough day of mothering! It’s become a tradition that Rosemary and Tanya have looked forward to every year for the last decade.

Encouraging our children to be good parents can begin even earlier. The best way is to start equipping them with the Word of God while they are still young.

The apostle Paul wrote that “from childhood” Timothy had known “the Holy Scriptures” (2 Tim. 3:15). And 2 Timothy 1:5 mentions the “genuine faith” of Timothy’s mother and grandmother. That faithful teaching and spiritual influence helped to enable Timothy to be a godly man.

The Bible is our richest resource to help us raise children who will know and love Jesus. Nothing is more essential than “the Holy Scriptures” to equip them for all of life’s challenges.

What are you doing to make the next generation “wise for salvation through faith”? (3:15).

The character of our children tomorrow depends on what we teach them today.


Cindy Hess Kasper


Our Daily Bread