“I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him I will trust.” —Psalm 91:2

During the 1991 Rugby Union World Cup, when he was playing for Samoa, Apollo Perelini earned the nickname ‘Terminator’ because of his hard tackles. So it might be surprising to hear that he is a Christian. It might be even more surprising to hear what Perelini has to say about being a Christian rugby player. “There’s nothing wrong with being an aggressive player. You can play as hard as anyone else but within the rules. After all, many of God’s greatest men have been warriors.”

“Christians aren’t wimps,” he continues. “When you get a reputation, everyone tries to pull you down. There’s nothing wrong with that. It keeps me on my toes; keeps me honest.”

However important physical strength is to the big Samoan, more important is his trust in God. “It’s the most important part of my life,” he says. “It’s what gets me through every day.”

Being a follower of Jesus is not about being a pushover or playing rugby politely. It’s about trusting God and valuing His infinite strength much more highly than our own strength. The Bible tells us that He is a “fortress” and a “refuge” for those who rely on Him (Ps. 91:2). This is where real strength lies. When we rely on Him rather than ourselves, God is powerfully able to guide us through whatever we may face in life. —Chris Wale

Father, thank You that You are the all-powerful God of the universe, who is our safety and strength. Please may we never take You for granted. There is no strength but God’s strength.


Chris Wale


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