It’s been several decades since a school event devastated me. Playing sport was hugely important to me. I loved basketball and spent hundreds of hours practising. So when I didn’t make the school team in my last year, after being on the team since my first year at the school, I was crushed.

Disappointed and confused, I carried on. I became a coach for the team, going to games and keeping track of my friends’ teamwork and tactics as they got within one game of the final without me. To be honest, I never thought of how they were viewing my response. I just muddled through. That’s why I was surprised recently to hear that several of my classmates told my brother that they saw in my response a lesson in Christianity—a picture of Christ. My point is not to tell you to do as I did, because I’m not sure what I did. My point is this: whether we know it or not, people are watching us.

In Titus 3:1-8, Paul explains the life God enables us to live—a life of respect, obedience and kindness that results from being reborn through Jesus and renewed by the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

As we live guided by His Spirit, God will show the reality of His presence to others through us.

Christians are living sermons whether or not they preach any words.


Dave Branon


Our Daily Bread