Many believers long to spend daily time with God, praying and reading His Word. Yet, we are often distracted by a busy schedule. Frustrations mount as busyness seems to crowd out an opening in our schedules.

Popular Bible teacher Oswald Chambers once wisely commented on the power of even 5 minutes in the presence of the Lord. Indeed, even a short time spent in prayer and the Word still has great value: “It is not the thing on which we spend the most time that moulds us, but the thing that exerts the greatest power. Five minutes with God and His Word is worth more than all the rest of the day.” Now, it may sound like Chambers has made an overstatement. Yet powerful results can come from even a short time of prayer because God is powerful.

Sometimes our days are filled with busy demands that crowd out time spent in listening to and responding to God. But no matter where we are, any time taken to build our own spiritual “altar” to the Lord as Abram did (Gen. 12:8) opens the door to His transforming power. If you are having trouble finding time with God, you could start with just 5 minutes and see where it leads. Our God longs to meet with us and show His power in our lives.

Talk with God—He wants to spend time with you.


Dennis Fisher


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