Our church family was excited to see work begin on our new building. Each Sunday we eagerly looked at the big hole in the ground. But progress seemed slow.

It all came down to water: too much in one place and not enough in another. An underground spring was one problem. Construction could not continue until inspectors were satisfied that water was being directed away from the site. At the same time, town officials said we didn’t have enough water coming into the building for a sprinkler system—so new lines for water had to be added. None of us wanted the project to be slowed down by these rulings, but we realised that if safe practise wasn’t followed, we would face serious problems in the future.

Sometimes we grumble about the government and other officials. But a proper respect for authority honours God. Paul, who had his own problems with those in charge, wrote, “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities” (Rom. 13:1). And later, “Do what is good, and you will have praise from [the authorities]” (v.3).

As we let God’s Spirit teach us, we can have a healthy attitude towards government. It’s for our good, the testimony of our faith and most of all for God’s honour.

Respect for authority brings glory to God.


Dave Branon


Our Daily Bread