On 17 March 2012, Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba suddenly collapsed during their FA Cup football match against Tottenham. Medics spent 6 minutes trying to get his heart to start working again, before he was then taken to hospital and put in intensive care. During the following 24 hours, managers and players made statements asking for prayer. When Gary Cahill, a previous teammate of Muamba, scored in his match the next day, he lifted his shirt to reveal the message: “Pray for Muamba.” It was surprising to see such public requests to pray in a society that largely ignores God.

We can all be guilty of making God a last resort; praying only when we’re in trouble, but ignoring Him the rest of the time. But God isn’t just there for disasters or when everything seems to be going wrong.

We are told to “rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks” (1 Thess. 5:16-18). God doesn’t want to be a last-gasp solution! Giving our lives to Christ means talking to Him every day, not just when we’re struggling. He wants us to talk with Him so we can get to know Him better! It’s this time with God that makes us more like Him.

When should we pray? Every day! God makes a boring day exciting, and a dangerous day full of hope.

Prayer isn’t just a tool for bad days— it’s an honour for every day!


Chris Wale


Our Daily Bread